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7 Holiday Gifts for the Chef in Your Life

Buying holiday gifts for the chef in your life? Whether your chef works in a commercial kitchen or a home kitchen, having the best gear (at great prices) is important. We know it can be hard to pick out new kitchen equipment, so we wanted to help out with seven gift ideas that are in stock and available online and in our showroom that you can grab just in time for the holidays.

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Restaurant Glassware Guide

The glass you serve your drink in is just as important as the drink being served inside of it. Different glassware helps to maximize the aroma, body and flavor of your beverages, and some research says your choice of glass can even impact how much and how quickly you drink.

Research aside, nice glassware gives your customers a superior drinking experience. Using high quality and appropriate glasses for each drink allows you to increase your price point since you’re providing more to your customers.

Do you know the different types of glassware your bar or restaurant should have in stock?

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What Type of Glassware Do You Need?

When opening up a bar or restaurant, glassware plays a big role. Not only does a glass influence your customer’s experience, it can change the taste of the drink. Everyone who walks in your door get a beverage, whether it’s a glass of water or a craft cocktail. Think of the glass as the outfit that your cocktail wears. So what kind of outfit should you pick out?

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Back Bar Basics

If your bar is not organized, it will cause a multitude of problems for your bartenders and guests alike. Your bartenders won’t be able to make drinks quickly and efficiently while your guests will get annoyed when their drinks take a long time or aren’t correct. Run a successful bar business with these tips for maximum profits without the headache.

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Keep Your Kitchen in Crystal Clean Condition

To keep your customers and staff safe, a clean kitchen is a top priority. Not only does a clean kitchen prevent against food poisoning and workplace hazards, it keeps your equipment running longer and in the best condition possible.

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Increasing Impulse Purchases in Convenience Stores

If you own a convenience store and aren’t using a heated food display, you are missing out on an effortless and cheap way to boost profits tremendously. Hot food displays can be described as a number of products: display cabinets, heated shelves, sandwich chutes, nacho chip warmers, or even pretzel warmers. Each type of food display can play an important role in your store’s atmosphere and in your customer’s satisfaction.

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