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5 Tips for Bulk Food Storage

It’s no secret that buying food in bulk saves your restaurant money, and usually it’s necessary to buy ingredients in large quantities. It’s important to keep your bulk foods as fresh as possible so that you’re not throwing your money down the drain. By using the proper safety guidelines and some insider tips, you can keep the foods you buy in bulk fresh and prevent foodborne illnesses.

Here are five things to know about bulk food storage, and as always, contact a customer service representative at ZESCO with any questions about bulk food storage containers!

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Bulk Food Storage

How does a food service or restaurant operator determine the type of Bulk Food Container to buy? Here are some considerations to think about. When receiving food product, the food service operator should have an idea as to how to store the food in a way that should eliminate steps and that does not cause cross contamination. So the size and material does matter. Another consideration is the cover; does it need to be air tight? There are many names for this type of container, also known as food storage boxes, lexans and food bins.

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