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Keeping Your Drains Clog Free

Clogged drains can really slow down a restaurant’s productivity by taking employees away from more important tasks and can end up costing a lot to repair. With the right products, clogged drains will be few and far between and cost less to manage. Another issue to consider is waste water treatment. In order to comply with most health board codes, waste water is only allowed to contain a certain amount of grease or fat. Otherwise, the waste water treatment facilities would not be able to keep up with the amount of grease in the water and the balanced treatment process would be jeopardized. Some cooking fats solidify at cooler temperatures, too. This can cause buildup and eventually clogs in the waste water plumbing. To combat these issues, a proper garbage disposal and grease trap, used in tandem, will keep your restaurant up to code and clog-free.

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Choosing the Right Commercial Dishwasher

A good commercial dishwasher is an investment that is worth its weight in plates or cups and a very necessary part of any food service operation. But what kind of dishwasher is right for your business?

Ask yourself some very important questions before you pick out your commercial dishwasher. How much space do you have for a dishwasher and what other accessories will you need? How many customers come through your restaurant on a typical evening? How many dishes does each customer commonly use that will need to be washed?

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Commercial Conveyor Toasters

If your old toaster can’t keep up with the demand of bagels, toasted bread, or buns, we have you covered. We offer dozens of models of commercial conveyor toasters from APW, Hatco, and Star to choose from, with some models priced under $500. Whether you need to toast 300 pieces per hour or 1,800 per hour, we have what you need. We also carry toasters with variable heat controls, adjustable conveyor speed, and the option to toast one or both sides of the bread.

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Increasing Impulse Purchases in Convenience Stores

If you own a convenience store and aren’t using a heated food display, you are missing out on an effortless and cheap way to boost profits tremendously. Hot food displays can be described as a number of products: display cabinets, heated shelves, sandwich chutes, nacho chip warmers, or even pretzel warmers. Each type of food display can play an important role in your store’s atmosphere and in your customer’s satisfaction.

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Cafeteria Food Warmers and Lunch Trays

A cafeteria’s food is only as good as its appliances and accessories. Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your food will preserve its delicious taste for long periods of time, imparting each customer with the best tasting product every time. Whether your cafeteria is large or small, Zesco carries a wide array of food warmers that are sure to provide consistent temperature control for all of your cafeteria foods.

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