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ZESCO’s 2016 NRA Show Equipment Roundup

Each May, over 2000 exhibitors gather at the NRA Show inside the massive McCormick Place in Chicago to present their latest equipment, smallwares, and services to the restaurant industry. Each year, the ZESCO sales and support staff are always some

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Save Time and Money With a Dough Sheeter

  Are you still preparing your pizza dough, pie crusts, buns and bread by hand? Increase your efficiency with the help of a dough sheeter, which rolls out dough into a consistent dough sheet with even thickness. Sheeting dough completely

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Your Fool-Proof Guide to Shrimp Scampi

On April 29, we celebrate the delicious dish known as Shrimp Scampi. We’re not sure why Shrimp Scampi Day was created, but we’re sure glad it was. While Shrimp Scampi is a relatively easy dish to cook, it can also be full of flavor and highly satisfying. Here are four simple tips and tricks for Shrimp Scampi you can’t resist.

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Ventless + Velocity = Victory

The advantages of Rapid Cook Ovens in the Fast Casual Restaurant Segment and Beyond

As the volatile real estate markets continue to be a concern, many foodservice operators and owners are exploring smaller, more compact kitchen designs that leverage the energy-efficient nature of induction, rapid cook and other ventless ovens. In addition to saving energy and grease, these types of ventless ovens can also save space, labor and the substantial expense of a hood system.

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Commercial Toasters Buying Guide

While the first electric toaster was built in 1909 by General Electric, the first toaster (a pop-up toaster) was invented in 1919 by Charles Strite, a mechanic in Stillwater, Minnesota. He wanted to do something about the burnt toast that was served at his company’s cafeteria, so he started to experiment with springs and a variable timer until he got it right.

Now, almost 100 years later, the pop-up toaster is not much different than the original, but the types of toasters have expanded to fit the needs of every kitchen becoming more economical and efficient than ever before. Here are four types of toasters commonly used in commercial kitchens.

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Bringing Breakfast to Your Restaurant

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so shouldn’t it be the most delicious?

The breakfast trend is on the rise in restaurants across the United States right now, which has been successfully driving sales growth through coffee, doughnuts, waffles, egg scrambles and other breakfast specialties. This is good news for restauranteurs as breakfast generally has lower food costs.

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Star Griddles

A griddle is a must-have for just about any commercial kitchen that serves fresh, made-to-order product. With over 30 years of restaurant equipment experience, we have seen our fair share of griddles from many manufacturers. Through all the products that we have tested, griddles from Star Manufacturing outshine all the rest! Star has proven to be one of the best year after year with no signs of slowing down. Their products are durable, highly reliable, and affordable, easily making them one of the best in the business. Star’s Star-Max griddles are great for just about any restaurant while their line of Ultra-Max griddles are perfect for chefs who need to cook high volumes of product and want a griddle that responds accurately with even the slightest of changes to the thermostat.

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The Truth About Counter Food Warmers

This term Food Warmer is somewhat of a misnomer. Why do we make this statement? Generally food warmers do not heat up food, they are intended to keep food warm. If they do heat up food, they are referred to as a re-thermalizer. That said, the rule is hot to hot, or hot food going into the warmer to keep it warm. When making a selection of a Counter Food Warmer, one should pay attention to the wattage or kW, for the higher the wattage the faster recovery in terms of heat.

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Hobart AM Series Commercial Dishwashers

Everyone has heard the saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned” and most people are constantly looking for ways to save money in different aspects of life. Business owners are always trying to find ways to save their company money without trading off quality of service in the meantime. For restaurant owners, that can be difficult to find sometimes. A great way to save manpower and to have your routine day to run more efficiently is to invest in a commercial dishwasher. Commercial dishwashers eliminate the need to have an employee designated to strictly washing dishes for a long while, saving you money on payroll and freeing up another set of hands to work on more important tasks. Finding the best commercial dishwasher can be difficult, but when you come to, you’ll see that finding the perfect dishwasher is a walk in the park.

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Catering Transport: Food Carriers

In the catering industry, food carriers are the most important tools when it comes to transporting your freshly cooked product. Having your hot food turn cold or your cold food turn warm could cost you a client and put a black mark on your company name. Clients expect catered food to taste as though it just came out of the kitchen and food carriers are the easiest way to meet those important expectations. The Cambro food carriers have foam insulation that keep your food at the perfect temperature and also have temperature controlled options to keep your food at the perfect temperature for as long as you need. Both side-end loading and top loading carriers were designed with portability in mind, making it easy to transport all of your delicious meals.

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