Buying Guide: Commercial Kitchen Doors

How much have you thought about your kitchen doors? They can play a vital part of the overall atmosphere in your restaurant, bar or foodservice institution. Choosing the right location, style, and size is important as you look to hide back-of-the-house kitchen noise and sightlines from your dining patrons. When you choose ZESCO.COM for your kitchen door needs, we can provide you with all the advice needed to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Our experts can take you step-by-step via chat or phone (800-901-5051) and help you select and place your custom door order online.

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

Swing Doors Hide Your Back-of-House Spaces

If you are building or remodeling your facility, take some time to plan or re-evaluate where your kitchen meets your front-of-house. Whether you run a corner diner, rowdy bar or fine dining steakhouse, placement and appearance of your kitchen doors can play a big part in the resulting dining atmosphere. ZESCO.COM’s design experts recommend you choose a location that balances the need for convenient access to your kitchen with the desire to hide the noise and traffic from bussing, serving and cooking. Some space layouts have the flexibility to create an inconspicuous corridor to the kitchen, while other use doorways away from the busiest patron areas of their dining room.

Step 2: Choosing Your Door: Fabrication and Function

ZESCO.COM offers kitchen swing doors from Eliason Corporation – a premier manufacturer of custom door solutions. Eliason offers several series of commercial kitchen swing doors in styles, construction materials, and functions that fit most budgets. Each door (or door set) is custom cut by Eliason to match your unique needs and includes all the mounting hardware needed to hang and maintain your new door properly.

Choosing the right door for your needs is simple when considering these two questions: How will it be used (or abused)? and How will it look in your environment? The answers to these questions lie in the internal and external components of the door.

Inside Material: Economy vs. Solid Core

  • Economy doors from Eliason are made from a 1/16″ thick plate of aluminum or stainless steel. These lightweight doors are often used in casual diners or bars where the main application is the visual separation between the kitchen and dining areas. Because these doors are a one-ply thin material, they can be easily dented by utility carts or even rough handling by servers or bussers. They can also be affected by kitchen ventilation systems where negative air pressure is present.
  • Solid core kitchen swing doors are more sturdy and durable, with a 3/4″ thick moisture-resistant composite wood core. This core, when surrounded by your choice of aluminum, stainless steel or laminated finish, helps to deaden the sound coming from your back room areas. The finished product is a 1″ thick, heavy-duty kitchen swing door perfect for high-traffic restaurants ranging from fast casual to fine dining.
  • Heavy-Duty ABS Polymer doors are the most durable solution and resist most dings and dents. Made with a 5/8″ honeycomb polymer core finished with a high impact ABS thermoplastic, these doors are both light-weight and durable. The textured surface also hides scratches from your bus carts and eliminates that clanging metal-on-metal sound when pushed through the door. These doors are available in fifteen different colors – from blend-into-the-background beige or gray to bright hues like forest green, red or royal blue. There is sure to be an option that fits perfect with your decor.

Outside Finish: Traditional vs. Laminates

  • Stainless steel doors make for a subtle, classic look that never goes out of style. A highly polished stainless steel door can make any environment look clean and sophisticated.
  • Aluminum doors are more lightweight and economical, retaining that traditional-look finish.
  • High-Pressure Laminate doors offer more options personality. Your choice of color or woodgrain pattern is applied directly to door material using a high-pressure method, creating a long lasting and durable bond. On solid core models, the door panel is also capped with 18 gauge stainless steel to provide steel-like durability without the cost. With over 30 laminate choices, these doors can be customized to complement your dining room whether it be casual, fine dining or of institutional design.
  • ABS Polymer doors, as explained in the Materials section, offer a wide selection of colors baked right into the door material. While you can choose from many solid colors, woodgrained patterns are not possible.

Eliason Door Options by Series

To help make your selection easy, Eliason has grouped their doors into different series – based on construction materials and finish. Of course, door (or door set) comes with Eliason’s patented Dual Action Swing Hinges that make even the heaviest of doors to open smoothly in both directions. Here’s a quick-look chart of the series carried by ZESCO.COM. Be sure to click on each series name to learn more about available sizes and color options.

 Eliason SeriesInternal ConstructionExterior FinishStandard Extras
LWP-31/16" Thick (No Core)Aluminum
DSP-31/16" Thick (No Core)16-Gauge Stainless Steel
LWP-61/16" Thick (No Core)Aluminum Alloy with Laminate12"H Stainless Steel Baseplate
SCP-13/4" Composite Wood CoreAluminum48"H Stainless Steel Baseplate
Shop Stainless Steel Solid Core DoorSCP-33/4" Composite Wood CoreStainless Steel
SCP-83/4" Composite Wood CoreHigh-Pressure Laminate18"H Stainless Steel Baseplate
P-115/8" Honeycomb PolymerImpact Resistant ABS Polymer

Step 3: Measure Thrice, So You Only Have to Order Once

Now that you’ve determined which door style to purchase let’s make sure you receive the correct size.

Eliason doors are custom cut to fit your particular opening, so submitting the exact measurements (to 1/8th of an inch) of your finished opening is required to ensure a perfect fit and look. The finished opening is the inside measurements of the door jamb. The dimensions of your custom cut door will be made to fit within your opening with the included mounting hardware.

ZESCO.COM recommends you measure each dimension of your door opening at THREE PLACES, as not all openings are completely square. For the height, measure from the floor to top of the door opening. Measure the left side, center and right side. Do not worry if all three measurements are not the same, just submit the smallest or narrowest dimension to ensure the door will fit in the door opening. For the width, measure from the left jamb to right jamb of the door opening. Again, take three measurements – top, center, and bottom and submit the smallest dimension.

When placing your order, you will order the next WIDEST door model based on your width measurements. For example, if you have a 38″ door opening, you would order the 40″ wide model so it can be cut down to your needed size. All door models can fit finished openings up to 84″ tall.

Eliason has made a quick instructional video to help you provide the most accurate information for cutting your new doors.

Step 4: Colors and Upgrade Options

Some of the Available Laminates on SWP or LWP Models

Are you looking to dress up your door? All models come in standard configurations as pictured and described on that models’ ZESCO.COM product page. Laminated doors are available in over 20 laminate colors. Heavy-duty polymer doors can be fabricated in 15 bright colors. All doors can also have their window size and location specified. It can be located in the center of the door or offset by 4-1/2″ from the edge of the door.

Optional upgrades, including stainless steel baseplates or upgraded windows, can be ordered through the Related Items tab on each product.

Step 5: Ordering, Shipping, and Installation

Upon ordering, ZESCO.COM will coordinate fabrication and shipping to your location with Eliason’s Michigan-based factory where each door is cut and fabricated to your exact dimensional needs. While lead time depends on the door series and extra options, doors are typically shipped within ten (10) business days.

They will arrive with detailed instruction on how to attach the mounting hardware and hang the doors. Whether you tackle the task yourself or hire a general contractor, your custom fit doors can be ready for use in just a few minutes.

Placing your Eliason Door Order

Ready to place your order for new Eliason doors? It is easy on ZESCO.COM. Start by visiting our Kitchen Doors category and selecting your door series. Doors are available by the each, or in matching double door sets. Remember to order the next WIDEST model based on your width measurements so it can be cut down to your needed size. Before adding your selection to the cart, be sure to fill in the dimensions you collected from your finished door opening. At this step, the window location can be specified too. There is no need to specify left or right hinging, as doors are reversible as designed. After adding the base door to your cart, upgrades can be ordered from the Related Items tab.

Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance before or during ordering – call us at 800-901-5051. You will be directly connected to our product experts – who are from available 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday or 8:30 am to Noon on Saturday.

Thanks for considering ZESCO.COM for your new kitchen door purchase. We’ve been outfitting the foodservice industry with the right solutions since 1973.

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