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blog_craftbeer_f Are you a part of the craft beer craze? If so, you are one of the over 3,800 brewpubs operating in the US, according to CHD-Expert. And that number is trending upward, as 1/3 of all brewpubs have only been in business 2 to 5 years. If you hold a liquor license and are not offering craft beer options, you are missing out on a substantial opportunity.

The Facts and Figures

While overall beer consumption has been relatively stagnant, craft beer again had double-digit growth in 2015, according to the 2015 BeerTab report from Technomic. Imported beer is also showing strong growth. What’s the appeal of a fine craft brew? Younger drinkers, including those from Generation Z and Millennials, are favoring beer consumption over wine and other spirits options. They are looking for varied beer flavor profiles and new taste experiences, as opposed to staying loyal to one brand. Beer consumption among women is also up, as they now account for almost 25% of all beer consumption. Younger women in their 20s drink far more beer than other age groups – something to think about when designing new bar areas and drink menus. visits Libbey at the NRA Show 2016 to check out their new craft beer glasses! visits Libbey at the NRA Show 2016 to check out their new craft beer glasses!

Libbey Craft Beer Glassware To The Rescue

Before you start serving, you obviously need something to serve in. Libbey has been a trusted name in glassware for almost 200 years. They have created countless glass manufacturing and design innovations in many segments and continue that tradition in the foodservice industry today. They recognize design trends and know how to capitalize on them. That’s why has chosen Libbey as our primary vendor for craft beer and specialty glassware. When we visited the Libbey booth at the recent National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, we saw some of their new craft beer glassware offerings and quickly added them to our online collection. There’s a lot to choose from, so to help you better understand these glassware types (and what could work best for you), we referenced the latest Libbey catalog. After your education, be sure to check out’s craft beer glassware selection.

Pilsners blog_craftbeer_1pilsners Perfect for serving classic pilsners and other pale lagers, Pilsner glasses showcase a beer’s color, clarity, and carbonation. The conical shape helps maintain the beer’s head, while the narrow design allows the aromas to reach your nose.
Giant Beers blog_craftbeer_2giantbeers Libbey’s Giant Beer glasses have a tall stature, providing an exceptionally pleasing presentation for wheat ales and pale lagers. Designed for draft beer service, these glasses feature a rounded top that holds a generous head of foam.
Pub Glasses blog_craftbeer_3pubglass Pub glasses offer the perfect presentation of classic ales, such as IPA, pale ale, brown ale or stout. Featuring a wide mouth to support the frothy head, Pub glasses offer a traditional yet brilliant beer presentation.
Tulip Stems blog_craftbeer_5tulipstems Ideal for presenting lambic and saison, the tulip shape also is very well-suited for specialty fruit beers.
Stemware blog_craftbeer_4stemware These upscale yet robust glasses elevate your presentation of ales and lagers.
Belgian blog_craftbeer_6belgian The rounded bowl of Libbey’s Grand Service and Belgian Beer glasses allows for subtle warming of the beer via heat transfer from the hand, while the inward tapering top captures aromas, enhancing the tasting experience.
Steins and Mugs blog_craftbeer_7stein Very large and durable, mugs are ideal for proper serving of Oktoberfest and other dark German lagers.
Source: Libbey Marketing Materials

Talk about Trendy. Hard Cider Glassware from Libbey!

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