Coffee Consciousness at Your Restaurant

restaurant coffee service

Restaurants aren’t normally known for having world-class coffee service, but it’s time to change that perception. A quality meal should be accompanied by a quality cup of coffee, after all, it can be the last thing a customer tastes when dining at your establishment.

With so many local coffee options popping up across the country, it’s easier than ever to offer excellent coffee service at your restaurant. Here are five tips to keep your customer caffeinated and content.

Use Quality Ingredients 

To ensure you have the freshest coffee for your customers, always use whole beans and grind them right before brewing. Keep your coffee fresh by not letting it sit on a heat source for too long, or else the flavor will lose that fresh taste. Remember, coffee is over 98% water, so using filtered water for brewing is a must. If your coffee isn’t tasting right, it might be time to change the water filter.

Keep Your Equipment Clean

It’s important to clean your coffee equipment to avoid a bitter taste in future cups of espresso and coffee. Once your coffee pot is cool and the equipment is turned off, cut a lemon into slices and squeeze it into the coffeepot. Drop the lemons in the pot and add three tablespoons of rock salt, 2 cups of ice and a cup of water. Swirl the ingredients around several times to remove any stains, or let it sit and saturate the pot. Rinse it out and let it air-dry overnight. You can also buy cleaners that are specific to the machine you own. For example, if you have a Bunn Espresso Machine, try running Milk Frother Cleaner through it regularly to avoid milk protein buildup or using cleaning tablets.

Espresso is Essential

espresso machine

The Franke Foodservice EVOLUTION – 2-Step Espresso Machine, easy to use and automatic.

Espresso is a great option to have at your restaurant since it can be served alone, in a latte/cappuccino/Americano/macchiato or as an ingredient in creative cocktails. Espresso machines open up a whole new area in your beverage menu which gives your customers more opportunities to find and buy something they enjoy, keeping them coming back time and time again. The Evolution 2-Step Espresso Machine is a one touch grind, tamp and brew machine that has the ability to make up to 150 2 oz. espressos per hour.

The Perfect Cup

Not only does taste matter, but presentation is part of the equation as well. At ZESCO, we have a large assortment of coffee cups to choose from, and it’s important that your cups fit in with the rest of your restaurant décor. From retro, diner-style mugs to contemporary and modern styles, pick the perfect fit for your establishment. Libbey makes a 10 oz. glass mug that we love, perfect for serving coffee, lattes and other hot, specialty drinks. They even are designed to stack neatly and safely in your storage area when not in use.

Go Tableside

Give your customers a tableside treat by pouring it at the table. This lets them know the coffee is hot, fresh and available for more than one cup. Stock up on coffee pot servers that are made of sleek, stainless steel with a double wall for heat insulation. For a truly remarkable tableside presentation, offer Spanish coffee on your menu. Your server will dip the rim of the coffee glass in lemon juice and then sugar for a sugar rim. Add rum, brandy and Kahlua to the glass and light it on fire, then top it with fresh hot coffee to put out the flame, then top with whipped cream and a cherry. Now that’s how you end a dinner!

Need help improving your restaurant’s coffee service? ZESCO can help! Our customer service staff is here to help you. Contact us today!

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