Save Time and Money With a Dough Sheeter



Are you still preparing your pizza dough, pie crusts, buns and bread by hand? Increase your efficiency with the help of a dough sheeter, which rolls out dough into a consistent dough sheet with even thickness.

Sheeting dough completely by hand is strenuous, especially if you work in a high volume bakery or pizza parlor. And time is money!

There are different sizes of dough sheeters for various types of dough. While most commonly used for pizza crusts, flatbreads and pie crusts, any type of pastry dough can work in a dough sheeter, even cake fondant. Fondant is the perfect item for a dough sheeter since imperfections can be easily spotted when rolled by hand. With the help of a dough sheeter, you can create smooth, thin pieces quickly and efficiently.

Ready to make the switch from rolling dough by hand to using a dough sheeter? ZESCO stocks a wide selection of dough sheeters to help you make the transition.

Dough Sheeter Models

Somerset Dough Roller Sheeter, 20” Two Pass: The Somerset dough roller is perfect for making pizza crusts, pie crusts and even pita bread. Made of durable stainless steel, it easily fits on a counter top or solid table and has safety features to shut off automatically if needed.

Somerset Fondant Sheeter Dough Roller, 30” Single Pass: This quality fondant and dough sheeter features an adjustable roller that allows you to create fondant and dough up to 30” wide. It has a durable motor and safety sensors for automatic emergency shut-off as well as spring-loaded scrapers for thorough cleaning.

Somerset Dough Roller Sheeter with Docking: If you have a high volume kitchen or bakery, this is the dough sheeter for you. This unit can sheet up to 500-600 pieces of dough per hour that are up to 18” in diameter with minimal training. It is adjustable to different widths to create dough of uniform thickness, and it features a large hopper to accept various sizes of dough.

Somerset Pastry Turnover Machine: Make calzones, Caribbean patties, empanadas, Jamaican patties, pot stickers and more with the help of this completely customizable pastry machine. You can choose from different die sets to fold, crimp, trim and seal up to 500 pieces in one hour. While it is manual operation, it’s easy to learn and requires no special skills to operate.

ZESCO Can Help!

Let our customer service representatives help you find the dough sheeter that would be the perfect fit for your kitchen. Contact us today and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

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