Bloody Mary Bar Basics

Bloody Mary Bar

Brunch without a Bloody Mary is just breakfast. Whether you’re getting the weekend started or curing a hangover, a Bloody Mary is a great choice. What makes a Bloody Mary even better is when you get to customize it exactly how you want at a Bloody Mary bar. The more options, the better…and who doesn’t love snacking on the soaked celery and other toppings while waiting for your food?

Put together the best Bloody Mary bar with these tips.

Have a wide variety of accoutrements. While olives, celery and pickles are staples to garnish your Bloody Mary, expand your selection for a wide variety of flavors. Broccoli, cucumbers, green beans, cauliflower, bacon, pickles, shrimp, pepperoni, cheese…the list goes on and on. If you think it could taste good in a Bloody Mary, it probably will. Display your accoutrements using clear bowls such as the Cambro Round Pebbled Grain Display Bowl.

Infuse your own vodka. While using a small batch vodka or a peppery variety is tasty, nothing beats infusing your own vodka for a kick of flavor. Choose a local vodka and infuse it with jalapenos, bacon, pickles, herbs or even garlic and pepper. Use a large jar, such as the Libbey Farmhouse Dispenser, that comes with a lid and a spout to easily pour the vodka. Wash and dry the ingredients you are going to infuse and put them inside the jar. Pour in the vodka and infuse for three to five days. Stir the ingredients inside the jar each day.

Libbey Farmhouse JarMake your own mix. Yes, you can buy premade mixes, but why not make your own? Bloody Mary mix is easy to make and your guests will be able to tell how fresh and flavorful a house mix tastes. Start with a tomato juice base and experiment adding in celery salt, pepper, hot sauce, horseradish, Worcestershire, garlic and more. Try having a house blend and also a spicy house blend, which you can put on the bar in clear carafes with labels. Give your guests the option to add other flavors such as steak sauce, barbeque sauce, Sriracha, Tabasco or any other type of hot sauce.

Let your guests do the work. It’s a win-win situation: serve your guests a glass with vodka and then let them take the wheel! Your bartenders won’t get bogged down making customized Bloody Marys and your guests can make their drink exactly how they like it. Fill a glass with ice, pour in the vodka and you’re done. We suggest using the Libbey Esquire 12 oz Tumbler or the Libbey Nob Hill Hi-Ball Glass, which are both perfect for making a Bloody Mary while having enough room for plenty of garnishes.

You and your guests will enjoy the ease and variety of a full Bloody Mary bar during brunch. After all, you need to eat your veggies!

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