Ventless + Velocity = Victory

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The advantages of Rapid Cook Ovens in the Fast Casual Restaurant Segment and Beyond

As the volatile real estate markets continue to be a concern, many foodservice operators and owners are exploring smaller, more compact kitchen designs that leverage the energy-efficient nature of induction, rapid cook and other ventless ovens. In addition to saving energy and grease, these types of ventless ovens can also save space, labor and the substantial expense of a hood system.

One of the other main reasons these hoodless/ventless kitchens are on the rise simply has to do with the high and rising cost of manufacturing and stainless steel. With hoods costing upward of roughly $2,500 per linear foot, a 10 foot hood can cost around $25,000. Other costs include fire wrapped duct work, fire suppression systems and ansul installations. It is often overlooked by operators how much air or CFM (cubic foot per minute) your hood system will vacuum out of a kitchen, forcing your HVAC system to make up the difference. This is an enormous portion of an operator’s electric bill.

When we worked on a new location for Gandolfo’s in Carmel/Westfield, we introduced them to a ventless oven, which in turn helped them gain speed and cut their ticket times in half. Before, they were trying to cook their hot sandwiches on a griddle, which in turn took too long with up to 12 minute ticket times. You can read more about our kitchen design for Gandolfo’s in their case study.

Unlike a microwave, the rapid-cook ovens will cook as few or as many products as necessary in the same time frame because of the way the oven can control air and high speed velocity. Using the rapid-cook ovens, French fries can be baked crisp and have 60 percent less fat compared to other fried products. Vegetables are more nutritious in these ovens compared to microwaves, which have a tendency to demolish cell walls and limit nutrient uptake potential. These ovens also include a built-in catalytic converter capturing the grease laden air. With the rapid-cook ovens, an operator can program their entire menu so it’s easy as pressing a button to operate. A built-in memory/USB card also supports managers by saving a lot of time with uploading menus to new locations and new menu rollouts.

These ovens can be pricey upfront, even if they don’t require hoods. But with a return on savings through energy, space and labor reductions, they can pay for themselves in just a few months. Take a look at these Turbochef ovens and start saving now.

If you have a special kitchen project in mind but aren’t sure how to pull it all together, we can provide you with a turnkey solution. Let us help with the design and installation, including switching you to a ventless oven victory, contact us today!

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