Margarita Madness for Cinco de Mayo


Margaritas are not only the perfect drink to sip on a hot summer’s day but they are also the preffered choice to accompany your favorite Mexican food. That’s why there’s not a more perfect time to make a deliciously refreshing margarita than on Cinco de Mayo.


Get ready for May 5, because your customers will be ready to celebrate with a margarita (or two…or three…). The following are essential tools you’ll need in order to keep up with the high demand on Cinco de Mayo.


It’s all about limes. Did you know restauranteurs report spending more money on limes than on tequila during Cinco de Mayo?  Getting the most out of your limes means getting the most out of your dollar.  A Manual Citrus Juicer ensures every ounce of juice will be extracted from the lime so you don’t waste a drop. The juicer features a spring-loaded lever press that exerts even pressure on the lime, which makes the juicing process fast and easy.


The necessary garnishes. Not only do your margaritas need lime juice but they also need a lime wedge as a garnish. The WedgeMaster Eight Section Wedger will make your life easier on Cinco de Mayo because it can cut a lime into eight wedges in the time span of only a few seconds. You’ll be able to keep your refrigerator fully stocked with wedges throughout the entire day.


Frozen is better. Any restaurant with a bar can make a margarita on ice but your guests will love having the option of frozen margaritas. Investing in a frozen drink machine will save you tons of time and hassle on Cinco de Mayo. The SaniServ Countertop Frozen Slush Drink Machine is a countertop frozen drink machine that holds 20 quarts and can make eight gallons of frozen margaritas an hour. The machine also has AccuFreeze technology that keeps the frozen liquid the same consistency at all hours and it has fewer parts to clean than most frozen drink machines.


Choose the perfect glass. On Cinco de Mayo, you will need a glass that can hold up to the high demand of margaritas and a 12 ounce margarita glass is perfect for just that.  The glass is made of durable clear plastic that is break-resistant and commercial dishwasher safe. You can’t go wrong with either the 12 or 16 ounce size.  Both feature a bowl with a large base to hold your frozen cocktail.


Be prepared for Cinco de Mayo with these products and your guests will be coming back every year!

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