Sundae Funday


We know you’ve heard of Sunday Funday, but now we’re introducing Sundae Funday! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream once the weather gets warmer, so why not incorporate some ice cream specials for the summertime?

If you’re getting started with ice cream service at your establishment, here are five essentials you’ll want to have on hand for the best Sundae Funday ever.

Scoopers: If you’re serving a high volume of ice cream, a good scooper is essential. Try an aluminum self-defrosting ice cream scoop, which can roll your ice cream smoothly while releasing it easily into a cone or dish. This scoop from Zeroll creates bigger looking portions by eliminating compression, giving you up to 20% more scoops per gallon. Or, try using the Zeroll ice cream spade, which is designed for leveling tubs, hand packing and hand mixing. The blade matches the radius of ice cream cartons for faster, cleaner knockdowns and you can even use this tool for coleslaw, pasta salads and other non-sundae dishes.

Ice Cream Cone Holder: Serving your sundaes in cones? Make it convenient for your customers to compete their transaction by providing them with a place to hold their cone while paying. This four-hole ice cream cone holder is made of clear acrylic and the stand is high enough off the counter to prevent breakage when cones are set down. Not to mention how great your ice cream cones will look to customers walking in the door!

Ice Cream Dipping Display: Variety is the spice of life, so why not offer your customers a plethora of flavors to choose from? Display your ice cream for your guests to see with a dipping display merchandiser from Master-Bilt. This merchandiser can display 16 cans of ice cream while still holding an additional 12 cans in storage below. The clear window provides both visibility and protection. Add a Spadewell dipper well that has a spigot for running water to keep your ice cream scoopers close-by at all times.

Ice Cream Saver Lid: Did you know that ice cream can go bad if you don’t store it properly in your freezer? Prevent waste and damage in your three gallon ice cream cans with this money saving ice cream saver lid from Harris Products. The clear lid rests on top of the ice cream itself to prevent freezer burn and oxidation. Since the lid is clear, you can easily identify the flavor at a glance and it has a top handle to facilitate use.

ice-cream-sundaes-headerDishes: Presentation is almost important as the taste, so give your guests an Instagram-worthy sundae. Think back to the times of classic soda shops and ice cream parlors. Bring that nostalgia to your guests with a tulip ice cream sundae dish, made of glass that is both beautiful and durable. Libbey Glass makes an old-fashioned tulip dish that can hold 6.5 ounces of ice cream and make you feel like you’re back in the 1950’s at a diner for a scoop or two.

Are you interested in opening an ice cream parlor or shop? Let our design team help with both the installation and design of your next project! Contact us for more information on our design and installation services.

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