National Beer Day 2016


Beer enthusiasts rejoice, National Beer Day is April 7 and we’re ready to celebrate!

On April 7, 1933, it was the first day in 13 years that people could legally buy, sell and drink beer. On that day, 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed, which later inspired this unofficial holiday. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

What you might not realize is the importance of using the proper glassware for your beer. Different styles of beer call for different styles of glassware, and the wide variety can be overwhelming. Here is a quick guide that can help you accumulate an arsenal of appropriate glassware.

Pint Glasses: The pint glass is the most common glass for beer. Typically in a 16oz size, it has a simple cone-shape and is easily stacked. The wide rim allows for a good aroma release, which is why this glass is perfect for serving a variety of beer. Pour everything from American ales to lagers to IPAs in this glass. Try a 16oz Heat Treated pint glass from Libbey, which can also be used for mixing drinks as well as serving beer. It’s ultra-durable and has received Libbey’s DuraTuff treatment which gives the glass a longer service life, perfect for rough environments.

GobletGoblets: Goblets have a large bowl shape with a stem, designed to maintain head on your beer. They are wide-mouthed for deeps sips. Similar to a goblet is a chalice, which tends to be heavier while a goblet is more delicate and long-stemmed. Typically, goblets and chalices hold 8-18 ounces of liquid and are used for Belgian beers (ales, IPAs, dubbels, tripels), Imperial stouts and other high ABV big beers. Try the Anchor Hocking Glass Weiss Schooner Goblet, which makes a statement with its stately bowl, molded foot and generous size.

Mugs: Evolving from German beer steins, the design of mugs is made for both durability and insulation. The thick glass helps keep beer cold as does the handle, which prevents heat transfer from your hands to the beer. Keep your mugs in a beer glass chiller to make sure your beer stays cold throughout the duration of drinking it. Serve a range of lagers and ales in mugs as well as stouts, porters and Black and Tans. We like Libbey’s 12oz Glass Stein Beer Mugs, which are classic style with a thumb-rest on the top of the solid handle to help guests hold a firm grip.

Pilsners: Pilsners are different from pint glasses in that they are taller, more slender and tapered, almost shaped like a trumpet. Pilsner glasses are used to showcase color, clarity and carbonation and also maintain a nice head. It is used to serve pilsners (of course) but are also used for a variety of light beers. This Libbey Pilsner Glass has a classic design that is footed, with lines angled out to provide a wide top ideal for preserving head during the serving process.

Snifters: While these glasses are traditionally used for cognac or brandy, they are also perfect for capturing the aromas of strong ales. If you have fruit Lambics, scotch ales, tripels or strong Belgian ales, use a snifter that gives room to swirl the beer. Try a snifter from Libbey’s Embassy collection which has an elegant look while also being backed by Libbey’s Safedge rim and food guarantee, which replaces the item if the rim or foot of the glass chips.

English Pub Glasses: Also called a nonic glass, this is an English pint glass that has a curved lip around two inches from the top. The shape of this glassware makes it easier to handle and also prevents it from sticking together in storage, making it harder to nick or chip the glassware. This Libbey 20oz English Pub Glass retains the shape of the classic international English pint glass, making it a great addition to your bar for a proper pint.

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