Bringing Breakfast to Your Restaurant


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so shouldn’t it be the most delicious?

The breakfast trend is on the rise in restaurants across the United States right now, which has been successfully driving sales growth through coffee, doughnuts, waffles, egg scrambles and other breakfast specialties. This is good news for restauranteurs as breakfast generally has lower food costs.

MilktoothWaffleHave you considered adding a breakfast menu to your restaurant’s offerings? Whatever your restaurant’s niche is, play off of that and create a unique breakfast selection that aligns with your current menu. Another way to create your breakfast menu is to find out what your local competition already offers and target underserved populations to carve out your niche in the breakfast industry. Think in terms of rotating seasonal items or international fare to attract returning customers.

Be prepared for breakfast. You’ll need different restaurant equipment and tools to make and serve breakfast that you might not already have if your menu is strictly lunch or dinner. Here are five products that can help give you breakfast success:

  • Try your hand at sweet and savory waffles. This 7” Belgian Waffle Baker by Star is a great option that our client Milktooth uses for breakfast. It features rotating cast aluminum grids, making for even and thorough cooking. Make up to 20 fluffy, delicious Belgian waffles per hour with this fast and durable waffle maker. It has an adjustable timer that features an audible alarm and digital temperature control to create perfect waffles each and every time.
  • Shop around for a local coffee vendor and brew a variety for your guests to enjoy. Keep their cups warm and full by using coffee carafes that will keep the coffee warm for hours. These carafes by Service Ideas feature double-wall construction from lightweight, durable stainless steel and have a vacuum layer that keeps drinks hot for up to six hours. The push button lid allows for one-handed service.
  • Poached eggs are a favorite breakfast item that can be a hassle to make. A 12-egg Poacher Station takes the hard work off your hands by using heat and steam to cook perfectly moist and delicious eggs every time. With a 120-150 second cook time, you can make a large amount of poached eggs quickly in the 3” diameter non-stick egg rings. The eggs are cooked with a combination of heat from a platen and steam created under the pivoting cover, which is then lowered over the egg rings.
  • WaringCitrusJuicerWhat goes great with breakfast? Fresh-squeezed juice to wash it down. Add a Waring Citrus Juicer to kitchen arsenal to quickly and easily product large quantities of pure, healthy, pulp-free citrus juice from oranges to grapefruit. The quiet operation won’t disturb your guests, but don’t let that fool you; it still has a powerful performance and outstanding durability. It quickly drains juice through a large spout for volume production and all of the detachable components are dishwasher safe.
  • Toast might seem like a boring breakfast option, but you can dress yours up in a variety of ways to keep your guests’ mouths watering. Use the Hatco Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toaster, which can toast up to 360 slices of bread per hour with the option to toast one or two sides of the bread. We also have other Hatco Toasters in stock that can toast up to almost 1,000 slices per hour if you run a high traffic breakfast establishment.

If you are adding breakfast to your restaurant’s menu and need help adding equipment or supplies, contact our knowledgeable staff to help set you up for success. We take pride in our 40 years of providing value-added services to the restaurant and bar supply industry!

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