Wine Wednesday: Tips for Wine Service


It’s Wine Wednesday, one of the happiest days of the week! Why? Because we get to drink wine, of course! Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said, “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.”

If you’re serving wine by the glass or bottle at your establishment, there are a few supplies you’ll want to have on hand to treat your guests to the best Wine Wednesday ever.

Wine Chiller: You should never serve white wine to your guests without leaving the bottle in a wine chiller. With an acrylic chiller from American Metalcraft, you simply store it in a cooler then transfer to the table with the wine bottle. The double wall construction traps the air and becomes an insulator, plus it doesn’t sweat so you don’t have to deal with condensation. The chiller will hold the serving temperature for up to three hours, leaving your guests happy throughout the entire bottle.

houdinivacuumWine Glasses: You can’t have a high-end wine list without using equally elegant wine glasses. Bormioli Rocco Steelite wine glasses are quality glassware that works in a variety of settings. The Aurum Collection has glasses constructed from non-lead crystal glass that feature a bowl with a slight squared shape at the bottom, connected to the base with a thin, elegant stem. Fun fact: Tom Ford headquarters use Bormioli Steelite glassware from Zesco!

Vacuum Wine Saver: If you serve wine pours by the glass, a Houdini Vacuum Pump Wine Saver is a must for your bar. Simply insert the stopper into the bottle and pump out the air, therefore preserving the wine’s taste for days. When another pour is required, the vacuum easily releases by pushing the stopper to the side. Depending on how much bottles you serve by the glass, you can purchase additional stoppers.

Wine Rack: You always want to have wine stocked, so where do you keep it? Invest in a wine rack that is easy to install and can be customized to your specifications. A wine rack keeps your bottles stored on their sides in order to keep the liquid up against the cork, which keeps the cork from drying out. Your wine rack should be housed in a cool (but not too cool), dark room, such as a closet that you can lock.

houdinivacuum2Wine Key: All of your servers should be equipped with wine keys to offer tableside wine service. When bringing a bottle to a table, the server should show the table the bottle and then proceed to open it, always keeping the label facing the guests. Using a black, non-slip wine key to cut the foil, continue by removing the cork and placing it in front of the guest who ordered the bottle. Pour him/her a small sip to taste, and once your guest has approved the wine, continue to pour in a clockwise direction around the table.

Need help getting ready for wine service in your bar or restaurant? We can help! Call us at 1-800-901-5051.

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