Craft Cocktail Bar Utensils 101


Are you thinking about expanding your bar’s drink list? While some guests will always prefer a classic gin and tonic, make your bar service more distinctive, clever, attractive and valuable to customers with the addition of a selection of craft cocktails.

ammuddlerOne benefit of creating a craft cocktail list is that your bar will have a distinct drink offering that guests can’t get anywhere else. By designing your own cocktails, you can bring your customers coming back time and time again for these unique drinks. Not only will your guests appreciate the selection, but you’ll enjoy the higher price points of these drinks which will enable you to increase your profit margin.

Before you jump in, make sure your bar is stocked with the proper utensils for mixing and making craft cocktails. We have some hot, new products we’ve added to our arsenal that you need to check out!

  • Muddler: This 10” muddler from American Metalcraft is excellent for crushing mint, herbs, fruits, vegetables, bitters and condiments for a variety of recipes and uses. This stainless steel muddler with a black crushing tip will always look great unlike the wooden ones that look worn over time.
  • Mini Bar Whisk: Nothing ruins a cocktail quicker than separated unmixed layers and flavors. This versatile tool is great for stirring up your mixed drinks and ideal for creating a frothy texture with egg white cocktails.
  • Ejector Fork: You know the struggle of wanting to probe down into a jar for that hard-to-reach olive or pickle. Here is where an ejector fork comes into handy. Simply press down at the top and the two pronged fork will appear. Hold it in position until you place the food item and when you release, the horizontal bar will keep the food firm as it slides off.
  • amwhiskTwisted Bar Spoon: Some drinks are better stirred than shaken, especially when making specialty cocktails. Ditch the shaker and combine your ingredients directly into the glass and stir. Try this 13” Twisted Bar Spoon and Fork from American Metalcraft, which has a three pronged fork at the other end.
  • Jigger: Don’t think of a jigger as a tool for beginning bartenders; instead, think of it as a tool for cocktail precision. This 1×2 ounce jigger is durable, useful and can easily be rested between your fingers for a steady pour.

Once your craft cocktail utensils are stocked, it’s time to start inventing your own craft cocktails. Remember: you don’t have to use the most expensive liquor to make a good drink. Find a few classic cocktails that you love and put your own creative twist on them. Take your time experimenting with different flavors, syrups and ingredients until you have it perfected, and then have some fun naming your new drink!

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