7 Serving Trays for Superior Service


Your food isn’t the only item making an impression on your guests…how it is being served is equally as important.

Whether you’re catering a special event or want to improve the presentation at your restaurant/bar, there are a plethora of options for serving trays. Arrange a decadent dessert tray onto slate or faux stone to intrigue your guests, or situate an array of cheese and meat onto a rustic yet durable wooden slab. Step out of your box and imagine the possibilities for superior presentation with these seven serving trays.

walnut-melamine-boardWalnut Melamine Serving Board: Serve charcuterie with the look of wood but the long-lasting resilience of an American Metalcraft product. This board has the look and feel of walnut wood with the durability of melamine. If you have a large group of hungry guests, this simple and chic board is a great size and must-have for creative culinary conceptions. You can also find this same board with the look and feel of bamboo.

Pizza Peel Paddle: Ditch the regular pizza pan and make the switch to a pizza peel! This durable and lightweight pizza paddle can serve dual functions as both a way to get pizzas out of the oven and for beautiful tabletop presentation. The peel’s blade is 18” square and has a 9” long handle which is great for medium and large pies. It is made from NSF and USDA approved compressed paper that is less porous than wood, which makes it easier to keep sanitary.

X-Stone Trays: Make your food stand out with this X-Stone tray from Cal-Mil. The durable acrylic tray has an irregular shape and a faux stone finish to add a dramatic look to your table. Make your desserts and chocolate truffles look more appealing when displayed on this bold tray. This stoned style comes in various shapes and sizes to complement the décor at any restaurant or catered event.

Round Rustic Wood Melamine Serving Board: Imagine that a tree has been thinly sliced and finished with a clear coat of varnish, and that is what you get with this round rustic board. Even though this is made of melamine, it has rich patterns with realistic tree growth lines and an earthy look, yet it is stain and oil-resistant. If you have specialty cheeses to present to guests, grab this round board for a unique presentation.

am-hammered-stainless-traysHammered Stainless Rectangle Trays: If you’re looking for a more modern and sleek serving tray, your guests will appreciate the quality of these attractive rectangular trays from American Metalcraft. Made of durable stainless steel, there is a pattern featured throughout the tray that has been hammered by hand. Use this tray to serve hors d’oeuvres or breads on buffet tables or while catering events.

Basalt Rectangular Tray: The Basalt collection from Revol brings a distinctive presentation to your table. Made from Revol’s porcelain paste and colored with natural pigments, this tray gives you the culinary characteristics of porcelain and the beauty of slate with this matte black piece. Not only is this tray oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, but it won’t scratch and is easy to clean.

Round Acrylic Mirror Tray: These round mirrored trays from Cal-Mil can be used in a variety of ways, including setting the mood to your room. The mirrors enhance candles or dramatic lighting for setting the perfect ambience, or use the 10” durable acrylic platter to serve desserts and drinks for an upscale event. These trays have a “tough skin” surface to fend off scratches and chips.

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