5 Tools for Food Safety


Food safety is always a concern in commercial kitchens. Not only do you want to keep your kitchen staff safe, but you want to make sure that your customers are never put in danger. There are many different tools you can use to make sure that your kitchen and restaurant are taking the necessary safety precautions for an accident-free establishment, and ZESCO carries them both in our showroom and online.

Here are five kitchen safety tools we recommend your commercial kitchen has in stock.

Saf-Check Quaternary Measure Thermometer System: Avoid health code violations, cross-contamination, food-borne illnesses and sick guests with the help of the Saf-Check Quaternary measure and thermometer set from San Jamar. You and your staff will find it easier to monitor sanitizing pails for improved food safety practices, better health inspection scores and easier training for your employees on proper sanitizer and water temperature monitoring.

color-coded-cutting-boardsColor Coded Cutting Boards:  By utilizing color coded cutting boards, you can help reduce cross contamination and even exposure to food allergies. Made from durable polyethylene, these sanitary boards are NSF certified for safety and won’t absorb bacteria and odor. This kit includes a blue, brown, green, yellow, red and white board. Make sure your staff is aware of what foods should go on each cutting board.

  • Blue – raw fish and seafood
  • Brown – cooked meats
  • Green – fruits and vegetables
  • Yellow – raw poultry and chicken
  • Red – raw meat
  • White – baked goods

Metal-Mesh-GlovesStainless Steel Whizard Mesh Metal Glove: If you use sharp knives to cut meats (which you should), you’ll want to protect your hands against injuries so that you don’t lose a finger! These mesh metal gloves from Jomac come in small, medium or large sizes and have a fitted cuff to help hold the glove securely in place and also protect your wrist. The gloves are made of woven stainless steel that is made using micro plasma welding techniques for strength and durability.

Allergen Saf-T-Zone System: With a large number of Americans having food allergies, an allergen-free set of utensils can be a lifesaver. “Go purple” for your customers with food allergies. San Jamar makes this purple kit that includes a special 10” chef’s knife with a purple handle, a purple cutting board, 12” tongs with a purple handle, a turner spatula with a purple handle and a protective purple carrying case with a space for thermometer storage. These brightly colored utensils and supplies provide your staff with a strong reminder that these tools are only for use to prevent cross-contamination.

Food Rotation Labels: Another requirement for restaurants and commercial food service facilities is food rotation labels. The FDA code states that all prepared foods must be covered, labeled and clearly market with the contents and an expiration date. These labels remove easily and may be used on disposable or reusable containers with a working temperature range of -40 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This box set from Day Mark includes color coded Monday through Sunday 1” octagonal labels.

food-rotation-labelsHave questions about food safety tools and utensils? We can help! Stop by our showroom at 640 N. Capital Avenue or contact us online.

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