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For over 40 years, ZESCO has been a staple and community hub for the Indianapolis food and beverage community. Come in to visit us and on any given day you will see hotel GMs, caterers, rock star chefs, restaurateurs and more in our showroom.

Whether you’re adding to your small ware inventory or opening a new restaurant, look no further than the ZESCO showroom. We understand the stress of opening up a new restaurant and having last-minute needs for service. Or maybe you need items in order to be approved for your health code inspection. Whatever the reason, our showroom is always a reliable source for any type of emergency situation because of our large inventory of quality products with competitive pricing.

Our team at the counter are full of knowledge and helpful advice. Every day, we help clients understand how to be efficient with utilize applications that are specific to their kitchens, back of the house and front of the house flow.

kitchen-prepKitchen Prep Needs

From prepping to plating, a commercial kitchen has many needs to keep your operation running functionally. Kitchen prep small wares range from tongs to storage containers to cutting boards, and ZESCO has it all in stock. These supplies can take a lot of abuse in a commercial kitchen, so we want to make sure you are getting the best deals.

Table Top Presentation

Table top service equipment consists of a variety of small items from candles and beer flight boards to china, glassware and flatware. Forgot your salt and pepper shakers? Need some vases for Valentine’s Day? Catering a large party and your serving platters are missing? Our showroom has it all.

Oven to Table Presentation

There’s nothing better than having dinner at a steakhouse and having your dishes come out straight from the oven. From the sizzling sounds to the juicy aroma, your guests love knowing that their food is hot and fresh. ZESCO has a wide selection of mini iron skillets, soufflé side dishes, ramekins and more in stock to keep your tableside presentation top notch.

cutleryCutlery and Knife Rolls

Many people agree that having proper knives is one of the most essential parts of running a successful kitchen, and ZESCO has a knife for every occasion. Maybe you have an extensive collection of knives or you’re just getting started…there’s always room for another knife. Browse our selection which features name brands like Wusthof, Dexter Russell, Forschner, Mundial and more.

Beverage Service

Keep your bar running smoothly by being stocked and ready for every cocktail that comes your way. Increase your revenue by offering a wide selection of cocktails. In order to be able to accommodate those cocktails, you’ll need a wide assortment of bar supplies, and picking out those supplies has never been easier. Stop by the showroom to browse muddlers, blenders, mixing spoons, jiggers, juicers, cocktail shakers and strainers.

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