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Looking for a high-end wine glass that matches your top-of-the-line wine list? The lead-free titanium crystal in all Lucaris lines is the top quality of all crystal ware due to its clarity and durability. If you love beautiful design and don’t want to skimp on quality, let us introduce you to Desire by Lucaris. The Desire line by Lucaris captures both the grape varietal’s unique characteristics as well as the aesthetic of glassmaking.

Passion Creates Perfection

This exquisite crystal stemware was born by bringing wine-lovers and glassmakers together to create clear and brilliant glassware that arouses the wine’s body and accentuates its properties. Co-designed and co-created by Lucaris and Hong Kong Sommelier Association, the Desire collection shows a new dimension of wine appreciation with a signature curl line carved at the bottom of the bowl, the wine glass innovation “Aerlumer.” The curling patterns encourage micro-oxidation, which conducts the wine molecules to expose themselves to a greater level of oxidation. This softens the wine while swirling, accentuating the flavor, body and aroma of the wine.

desire-by-lucaris-mcicDesire Collection

This collection is made up of six wine glasses: Robust Red, Elegant Red, Rich White, Crisp White, Universal and Sparklilng. The Robust Red glasses helps soften the young, full structure of red wine with an oversized bowl, while the Elegant Red glasses help enhance the characteristics of matured fine red wines with its oversized flat shape bowl and short nose. Moving onto the white wine glasses, the Rich White glasses have a medium sized bowl to help soften the full-bodied, creamy white wines while the Crisp White glasses have a smaller bowl size to emphasize young, fresh and crispy white wines.

If your restaurant serves wine by the glass, the Universal style has a convenient bowl size to open up all bouquets of red and white wine (great for banquet operations). Last, but certainly not least, the Sparkling glasses are designed for all body structures of sparkling wine with a slightly bigger bowl than the opening and a long flute shape, enhancing retention of bubbles.

The Desire line by Lucaris is showcased at Fountain Square’s Marrow, which corresponds perfectly with their superb wine list and service.

Since this line is exclusive to Zesco we don’t sell it online, but we stock it along with other Lucaris titanium crystal products in our downtown Indianapolis showroom. For all Lucaris titanium crystal product inquiries, contact Zesco’s tabletop specialist Annie Zoll,

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