What Type of Glassware Do You Need?


When opening up a bar or restaurant, glassware plays a big role. Not only does a glass influence your customer’s experience, it can change the taste of the drink. Everyone who walks in your door get a beverage, whether it’s a glass of water or a craft cocktail. Think of the glass as the outfit that your cocktail wears. So what kind of outfit should you pick out?

There are many questions to consider when picking out the glassware for your establishment that go past the aesthetic qualities.Some starter information you’ll want to have together includes:

  • Is your establishment fine dining or casual?
  • What types of drinks do you focus on?
  • If you’re serving wine, what varietals will you carry?
  • What other types of beverages are you serving that require specialty glasses?

While the look of your glassware is important, you need to consider other factors. What is the durability of your glassware, how many customers will you have coming through each day and what quantity is needed?

  • What will your beverage presentation look like?
  • How can your glassware set you apart from your competition?
  • How big are your drink pours?
  • What is the biggest problem you need to solve?

Think about form and function. If you’re running a sports bar, you’ll probably want your glassware to be more durable and better suited for beer. But if you’re running a craft cocktail bar, think about the design of the glassware that goes with the theme of your drinks (and bar). In this sense, your glassware can affect your sales in a positive manner. We’ve all been out and seen an impressive drink presentation make its way across the room. Heads turn and you suddenly want to order the mystery drink based on its appearance.

In addition to what type of glassware you plan on purchasing, take a moment to determine how much glassware you need to purchase. You never want to run out of glasses. And take into account breakage from both your staff and clumsy customers. A good rule of thumb is that you might lose 1-2% of your inventory each week due to breaks.

From martinis to wine to shots to coffee, there are many decisions to be made with your glassware. Talk to a professional at ZESCO (1-800-901-5051) to help stock your bar or restaurant without breaking the bank. You can browse our selection online or in our showroom!

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