Catering Transport: Food Carriers


In the catering industry, food carriers are the most important tools when it comes to transporting your freshly cooked product. Having your hot food turn cold or your cold food turn warm could cost you a client and put a black mark on your company name. Clients expect catered food to taste as though it just came out of the kitchen and food carriers are the easiest way to meet those important expectations. The Cambro food carriers have foam insulation that keep your food at the perfect temperature and also have temperature controlled options to keep your food at the perfect temperature for as long as you need. Both side-end loading and top loading carriers were designed with portability in mind, making it easy to transport all of your delicious meals. Here are some Cambro carriers to compare and look at:

rolling-food-carrierCambro CMBHC1826LF-191 – Camtherm Food Holding Cabinet

This side-end loading Camtherm carrier is one of the best you can find on the entire market. When it is plugged in, it can maintain either hot or cold temperatures for hours. The foam insulation allows it to double as an insulated food transport system when unplugged. When the cabinet is full, the temperature inside can stay as high as 140° F for up to eight hours. The temperature can also be held at 41°F for up to 2 hours when cabinet is full. It has six rail sets to hold twelve full size pans that are 2-1/2″ deep, eight full size pans at 4″ deep, or six full size pans that are 6″ deep. The Camtherm carrier is made from polyethylene and polycarbonate plastic and has 6″ front wheels and 10″ rear wheels, making for an easy transport. Cambro’s Camtherm carrier is a great low profile combination of capacity and portability.

Cambro UPCSS-160 – Ultra Single Pan Carrier – Top Loading

top-loading-food-pan-carrierThis Cambro top loading single pan carrier is a great product space is an issue and capacity is not. The top loading pan carrier has handles molded into it for easy portability. Multiples of this carrier interlock and stack, allowing easy storage and organization. It is made from sturdy and durable polyethylene with thick foam insulation, keeping your food at just the right temperature. It is big enough to hold one full size pan that is six inches deep, or two full size pans at a depth of 2 inches each. It features four wide nylon latches to hold the food securely in place and an airtight removable gasket provides a secure seal that locks in your foods freshness for hours. A few top loading Cambro Ultra Single Pan Carriers can be just what you need to expand your catering service without breaking the bank.

The right food carriers can make a huge difference in the business of catering. They lock in your foods freshness for hours and keep them at just the right temperature. They are also the most easily portable way to properly transport your food.

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