Patty Presses – Not Just For Hamburgers!


Fresh product is the basis to any dish. When it comes to burgers, fresh product means using fresh, local meat and using raw meat means making your own hamburger patties by hand. Making patties isn’t a hard task but it can be very time consuming; especially if your menu features burgers. Making all burgers the same size and shape can be tricky but a burger patty press is the perfect tool to make a consistently shaped and sized patty every time. Uniform burger patty sizes are important when it comes to cook time, portion control, and ultimately customer satisfaction. Our presses are perfect for making many different burgers, such as hamburgers, veggie burgers, crab cakes and much more. We carry two different brands of patty presses to choose from, ranging from four inch molds to seven inch molds. Here are our two favorites:

univex-patty-pressUnivex 1405 – 5″ Hamburger Mold – Patty Press

A five inch press is perfect for controlling food costs and keeping your burgers a consistent size and shape every time. This anodized aluminum and stainless steel press will last you for years to come. The meat press bowl and ejector make it easy to press up to eight ounces of product into ideal five inch diameter patties. The Univex 1405 is a simple machine that can make a big difference in many aspects of your restaurant.

IFM Sirman HF150 – 6″ Hamburger Mold – Manual Patty Press

For consistent 6” patties, look no further than the IFM Sirman HF150. This patty press can turn up to 14 ounces of product into six inch diameter patties as fast as you can pull the handle. Like the Univex 1405 5” press, this is also composed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel guaranteeing a long life and easy operation. The simple-to-clean design makes cleaning this press a breeze, even though it is one of the largest presses we carry.

sirman-patty-pressCommercial patty presses are essential to any restaurant that frequently sells hamburgers, veggie burgers, or crab cakes. They help to control costs of ingredients and they keep your customers happy by providing a uniformly shaped and sized burger every time. Additionaly, when each patty is the same size and weight, cooking is much simpler. The cooking time will vary only slightly from burger to burger. A patty press is a great investment that will be a workhorse in your restaurant for years to come.

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