How to get the most out of your insulated beverage dispenser


When catering an event, transporting beverages is a hassle without the use of an insulated beverage dispenser. Cambro’s dispensers are well-known for their quality and portability. We carry a wide variety of Cambro’s insulated here at

Maintaining Temperature

No matter where you use them, insulated beverage dispensers are the perfect way to keep your beverages at their desired temperature for long periods of time. The one piece, seamless double-wall polyethylene with a thick foam insulation provide the maximum amount of thermal protection without adding substantial weight. To keep your beverages at their optimum temperature for longer, consider “priming” the dispenser before adding the beverage. This can be done by filling the vessel with ice water (for cold beverage applications) or hot tap water (for hot beverage applications) and allowing it to sit for 20-30 minutes. Then, simply empty the dispenser completely, wipe down the inside, and add your final product. This will avoid any drastic initial temperature changes to your beverage.


insulated-beverage-carrierTransporting beverages can be a huge hassle without the proper equipment. Cambro’s LCD line of insulated beverage dispensers are excellent for moving your beverages from your restaurant to any off-site location. The key to moving your product without spillage is in a locking lid and a quality spigot. Cambro’s dispensers will keep your beverages secure with their strong, nylon latches and their expertly designed lid-to-container seal as seen in the 250LCD. No matter how much jostling occurs during transit, the Cambro insulated beverage dispenser’s lid will keep everything contained. The drip-proof spigot is recessed and will keep all liquids from leaking during your travels while still allowing easy dispensing when needed.


Cambro’s high quality materials in their insulated beverage dispensers insure that the vessel stays in top working order when stored and used properly. The Camtainer line of dispensers employ Sta-Stack interlocking to ensure stable stacking during transport and storage. This allows you to use up less floor space even when the containers are not in use. Keeping the dispensers out of direct sunlight also helps to add longevity to the life of the materials.


Cleaning the spigot of your insulated beverage dispenser is important in maintaining beverage quality. The entire spigot and spout need to be removed and cleaned often. We have a step-by-step guide that walks you through dismantling the spigot and will help you keep track of every part as you go. The guide can be found by clicking here or on any product page of Cambro insulated beverage dispensers.

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