Back Bar Basics


If your bar is not organized, it will cause a multitude of problems for your bartenders and guests alike. Your bartenders won’t be able to make drinks quickly and efficiently while your guests will get annoyed when their drinks take a long time or aren’t correct. Run a successful bar business with these tips for maximum profits without the headache.

First and foremost, when designing your bar, utilize the help of a design team to help you pinpoint problem areas and offer solutions before issues arise. For example, it’s smart to have all of the drink-making stations located in the same area. You shouldn’t have to run back and forth from each end of the bar to make a cocktail or grab two pints of beer.

Bottle Arrangement

While your number one thought might be to arrange your bottles of liquor for a pleasing display to guests, keep in mind that having the bottles in a convenient location for your bartenders is also a high priority.

To start with, the most popular liquors should be the most accessible. Use speed rails to keep your well liquors within quick reach and then organize bottles based on the ingredients in your drink list. For example, if your bar is heavy on whiskey and bourbon cocktails, keep those close to the bartender while you place the gin farther away. When grouping your liquor bottles, keep the vodkas all in close proximity while the tequila bottles are all together. This way, it’s easy to find a specific brand of spirit.



Each drink should be made in the appropriate glass, which is why the arrangement of your glasses behind the bar is important for both speed and functionality. An underbar drainboard with storage is the perfect accessory to keep glasses after they have been washed. With several shelves, you can organize the glasses in groups. If you have delicate martini, wine and champagne glasses, consider storing them on a glass hanging rack. This keeps them out of the way from accidentally being knocked over and broken.


Yes, there are some bars that have a claim to fame as being a dirty dive bar, but let’s be honest, you don’t want to be that bar! Something as simple as a dirty bar top can be a huge turn off for customers so make sure your staff knows that keeping the bar area clean is a top priority. In addition to keeping the bar clean, make sure you keep your bar equipment in tip top shape. All ice machines, coolers, sinks and dishwashers should be in working order.

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