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Garnishes are not only beautiful, but a bonus as when an edible as part of your cocktail or dish – it’s are you can eat! So, put down those silly paper umbrellas and learn how to make your own unique, edible garnishes that will wow your guests. Whether you provide a high-end fine dining experience or adding an extra sweet treat to an already delicious dessert, the possibilities are endless once you start designing your own garnishes and letting your creative juices flow. can get you started with a nine-piece garnishing kit from Tablecraft that is a must-have for any serious chef.

Here are some ways we like to use garnishes on our food and drinks. Do you have any to add to our list that we need to try?


Amazing Vegetable Cups with a Eurodib Turn’Up Vegetable Cutter

Curls, Twists, and Spirals:

You might think of a lemon twist on a martini when you hear of this type of garnish, but have you considered using it with your food as well? Use a vegetable peeler to make curls out of different foods. Try curling some Parmesan for a pasta salad garnish or a curl of chocolate to top off a decadent dessert. You can even curl butter for a proper presentation with bread.

Vegetable Cups:

Instead of using an actual cup, make a vegetable cup instead. Using a Eurodib Turn’up cutter, you can make a cup out of almost any hard vegetable for a truly unique presentation. For example, make cucumber cups and fill them with raw, sushi-grade fish or shrimp. You can make cups out of potatoes, roast them and fill with twice-baked potato ingredients for a fun finger food. The possibilities are endless when making food cups.

Edible Flowers:

These gorgeous garnishes are great for a party that has a theme or color scheme. You can find edible flowers at gourmet markets and groceries to fit your event. One use for edible flowers is in a champagne cocktail for a bridal shower to add a little extra special touch. Micro-greens can also be considered edible flowers (well, plants) that make a great garnish. Try adding some to your next batch of deviled eggs or as a bed for fish to lay on.


Fresh Fruit is Even Sweeter in Shapes

Fancy Fruit:

Dress up a dessert with balls of fruit, such as cantaloupe or pineapple. It’s easy with this Dexter Russel 7″ fruit baller knife. A piece of cake looks naked without some type of dressing, so add some spheres of a complimentary fruit with a drizzle of syrup for a polished look and mouth-watering taste. Add a strawberry fan in the mix to switch up your shapes.

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Still looking for inspiration or advice? Our expert sales staff has been helping their clients design and outfit their culinary arsenal since 1972. Give us a call at 800-901-5051 or check out our full selection of garnishing tools over at If you want more garnishing ideas, take a look at The ABC of Fruit and Vegetable Carving by renowned expert Mr. Xiang Wang.

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