Lower Energy Costs Year Round with an Air Curtain


Air curtains are one of the best and most affordable ways to greatly reduce energy costs. Placing one at the entrance to your restaurant or near the entrance to your kitchen will help maintain a constant temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature will keep your air conditioning or heat from running nonstop. We here at Zesco offer a wide selection of Berner air curtains that range from indoor curtains to outdoor curtains, heated and unheated, low profile to standard, and many more! Berner’s commercial high performance line of air doors are some of the best available in today’s market.

entrance-air-curtainEntrance Air Curtain

Watch your heat bill free fall when you install a Berner heated high performance air door at the entrance of your restaurant. The air that is being constantly blown downwards prevents the warm or cool air inside your restaurant from escaping out of the front door, giving your furnace/air conditioner a break and cutting back energy costs. It also helps prevent those pesky bugs from flying in and disrupting the place. Whether you go with the stainless steel commercial high performance option or the clear anodized aluminum low profile model, you’ll be in great hands going with an air door from Berner. If you really want the best of the best, the Berner ALC08-1072E air door features an IntelliSwitch digital programmable controller that enables you set on/off times and one of the ten fan speeds in advance. The clear anodized aluminum makes for a subtle look that will blend in great in any restaurant. Built-in thermal protection keeps the unit from ever over heating no matter what the temperature is outside.

drive-thru-air-curtainDrive Thru Air Curtain

If your restaurant has a drive thru, then a Berner air curtain is a must-have to put right by your drive thru windows. The Berner DTU03-2026EA is fantastic for keeping insects from entering through the window and for keeping your valued employees warm or cool during the harsh seasons. The subtle powder coated aluminum exterior will look great by any drive thru window. The “mount anywhere” bracket system makes installing this energy saver a breeze, but keep in mind that it is designed to be installed indoors. Install one above each of your drive thru windows and you’ll notice energy costs dropping almost immediately.

Air doors from Berner are one of the smartest investments you could make for your business, saving you thousands of dollars a year on lower energy costs. We offer a wide range of options to choose from to accommodate any need you may have. Pick out the model that fits your restaurant and start saving money today!

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