Keep Your Kitchen in Crystal Clean Condition


To keep your customers and staff safe, a clean kitchen is a top priority. Not only does a clean kitchen prevent against food poisoning and workplace hazards, it keeps your equipment running longer and in the best condition possible.

Do you have a cleaning list posted in a visible area for your employees to clearly see and follow? Here are some areas you might overlook in your day-to-day cleaning regime.


Sauce splats and splashes against your kitchen walls are a common occurrence in the kitchen, but are you diligent about wiping up your messes? It might seem like it’s just an unsightly spill but those grease, grime and food splatters can attract bugs or even bacteria if left for too long. Wipe down your walls as soon as possible by keeping sanitized towels around the kitchen.

Seats and Menus:

You might not think to clean your restaurant chairs and stools at the end of the evening, but one study found that 70% of the seats they tested had bad bacteria including strains of E. coli! Every customer who walks into your restaurant sits in a seat and uses a menu, which means their germs get on everything the customers’ touch. At the end of every night, have your employees wipe down all the seats and menus with an antimicrobial cleaning agent to keep germs at bay.

Ice Machine/Storage:

Ice is no different from food in that it needs to be stored properly in a clean area or it will get contaminated. Something as little as using an unwashed hand to grab ice (always use an ice scoop) can contaminate it, let alone if you’ve broken or chipped glass into the storage bin. Make sure you are regularly cleaning out your ice storage bin and scrubbing it down before refilling it, and always burn your ice with hot water if you suspect broken glass has fallen into the ice.

The Dumpster:

You might think the dumpster is just a place to throw your garbage, but if your dumpster area gets too dirty it will start to attract rodents and bugs. Hose down the dumpster and area surrounding it regularly along with making sure the lid is kept closed. When throwing trash bags into the dumpster, make sure nothing falls out and is left on the ground around the dumpster. You don’t want any rats (or foul stenches) outside your business.

Cutting Boards:

It’s common to get a bad piece of fruit or food every once awhile, but if it has touched a cutting board you’re using you need to wash it immediately. The same applies for keeping raw meats separate from fruits and vegetables; once a piece of meat has touched a cutting board, it needs to be washed before using it for anything else. Use color-coded cutting boardsto keep your food prep organized and separated.

Hidden Areas:

Just because you can’t see some areas of the kitchen doesn’t mean they aren’t dirty. How often do you move racks and coolers from their spot to clean underneath? Scraps of food can easily fall underneath counters, coolers, stoves, etc. and not cleaning it can result in a bigger problem down the road. Make it a priority to move your equipment around at the end of the night and clean those areas that aren’t always visible.

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