Frozen Drink Machines

If you’re struggling to find a way to spice up your restaurant or bar, a SaniServ frozen drink machine is the perfect answer for you. Whether it’s a tasty fruit filled slushie that complements good health or a tasty alcoholic slushie that complements a good night, a frozen drink machine from SaniServ serves the best quality slushies every single time. SaniServ sells a variety of frozen drink machines to complement the many different needs a restaurant or bar owner may have. Whether a restaurant needs gallons of a certain slushie or to have two different flavors of slushies mixing at the same time, SaniServ has the machines to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. With ingredients being so cheap, frozen drinks are a cheap and quick way to rake in amazing profit margins too!

saniserv-707-countertop-frozen-slush-drink-machineThe SaniServ model 707 can produce up to eight gallons of frozen drink tastiness per hour. Priced almost as low as $5,000, the SaniServ 707 is very affordable for businesses and is so small that it can fit on almost any commercial countertop! The beautiful stainless steel finish gives it a sleek look that looks great in almost any kitchen. The model 707 frozen drink machine breaks down so easily and is small enough that cleaning it thoroughly is a piece of cake.

The SaniServ 707’s bigger brother, the SaniServ 708, can power your business through the busiest of seasons. The model 708 can produce an astounding ten gallons of slushie per hour, two more than the smaller 707 model. Yes, two more gallons per hour doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but after a ten hour day, the model 708 produces twenty more gallons than the model 707. At an average of eight ounces per slushie, the model 708 could make 320 more slushies in a ten hour period compared to the model 707.

To put what the SaniServ line of frozen drink machines can do into perspective, check out the video below comparing a bartender using a blender to make frozen drinks to a SaniServ frozen drink machine. There is truly no comparison. SaniServ’s machines can make better, smoother frozen drinks and do so on a more consistent basis. Not to mention that SaniServ’s machines can produce more frozen drinks at a much quicker rate as well. As a testament to the high quality materials a SaniServ frozen drink machine is constructed from, it will outlive many of the competitors frozen drink machines, especially any ol’ blender.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating frozen drinks with a frozen drink machine from the SaniServ line. Head over to the Frozen Drink Dispensers to see the entire line of SaniServ frozen drink machines as well as the rest of Zesco’s frozen drink machines.

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