3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Water Filtration System


Water is used in almost every aspect of a restaurant’s daily functions. Clean water can make a world of difference when it comes to taste, how clean dishes and products can be, and how well machines will run. If you think water filtration systems aren’t worth the money, hopefully these few reasons can change your mind.

3-reasons-why-you-should-be-using-a-water-filtration-system1. Taste

If the water you’re drinking has an odd taste that causes you look into your glass to make sure that it is indeed water that you are drinking, then it probably isn’t the cleanest water you can find. Since water naturally has no unique flavor, it is easy to detect when it is contaminated with chemicals that you know shouldn’t be in it. If a customer requests a glass of water and receives a glass full of unclean tap water, odds are they will be leaving your restaurant with a bad taste in their mouth both figuratively and literally. If a customer feels that they can’t even get a good tasting glass of water from your restaurant, then they probably wouldn’t expect their meal to taste much better. Even if you serve soda from a fountain or coffee from a machine that uses unfiltered water, customers can still notice and may tell you that their drink tastes “funny”.

2. Better Ice Cubes

This goes hand in hand with taste, but clean water always makes for better ice cubes. Just by looking you can tell if an ice cube was made from filtered or unfiltered water. A cloudy ice cube is an unclean one, while a clear ice cube is typically a clean one. The cleaner the ice cube, the better tasting the drink. A glass of filtered water can become an unpleasantly tasting one if the ice cubes dropped in it are made from unfiltered water. The ice will melt and release the distasteful characteristics that come with tap water into your clean, filtered water. Clean ice makes for better frozen drinks too, such as slushies, smoothies, and milkshakes. Make a frozen drink with ice from a tap and ice from a filtered water source, you’ll taste the difference instantly.

everpure-insurice-ev9324-02-i2000-two-water-filters-with-agion3. Keeps Your Machines in Better Condition

Clean water can be the difference between keeping your machines for a few years and keeping them for many, many years. Using tap water to run through your ice machines, soda fountains, or coffee machines can speed up your machine’s deterioration rate by causing calcium and lime buildup or even rust. Filtered water eliminates almost all of the factors that cause these deteriorations and keeps your expensive machines running for as long as they will last. Using filtered water to clean your products and machines will get them looking better and won’t leave a nasty residue.

EverPure Water Filtration

The Everpure water filtration systems are the best of the top-of-the-line water filtration systems. Everpure systems’ EV9324-02 is a two stage filter that employs a filter so fine that it is able to remove microbse that are 1/2 micron and larger in size. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, reduces the chlorine taste in drinking water, and features an easy-to-replace filter cartridge. The system is NSF listed and is a vital part of any 1,200 lbs cuber or 2,400 lbs flaker machine. Everpure’s line of advanced water filters and systems are sure to improve the taste of your water, the cleanliness of your ice cubes, and increase the longevity of your beverage equipment.

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