Bulk Food Storage


How does a food service or restaurant operator determine the type of Bulk Food Container to buy? Here are some considerations to think about. When receiving food product, the food service operator should have an idea as to how to store the food in a way that should eliminate steps and that does not cause cross contamination. So the size and material does matter. Another consideration is the cover; does it need to be air tight? There are many names for this type of container, also known as food storage boxes, lexans and food bins.

bulk_food_storage_containers_cambro_typesLarge Bulk Food Storage Containers manufactured by Cambro are made of white polyethylene (withstands -40 to 160 degrees), clear polycarbonate (safe from -40 to 212 degrees) and translucent polypropylene (withstands -40 to 160 degrees). As for large Bulk Food Containers, the white polyethylene food container is a good economical choice for produce and ingredients and has a non-clear white color. The clear polycarbonate food container is a good solution for bulk fruits and vegetables as well as meat and poultry. This material is a very tough and above all , one can see what is inside that food container. Covers for the white polyethylene and the clear polycarbonate are dual sided for a purpose. One side will snap tight for transporting (not air tight) and the other side lays flat and is designed to nest and stack for storage. The translucent polypropylene containers have a near see through property and are for smaller batches of food and they do have an air tight seal. There are accessory considerations as well such as the colander and the drain shelf, that is used when draining food product is a must.

The Cambro large Bulk Food Containers (white polyethylene, clear polycarbonate) will be sized in 18″ x 26″ with depths of 3-1/2″ (5 gallons), 6″ (8.75 gallons), 9″ (13 gallons), 12″ (17 gallons) and 15″ (22 gallons). As for the 12″ x 18″ Bulk Containers, they will have depths of 3-1/2″ (1.75 gallons), 6″ (3 gallons) and 9″ (4.75 gallons).

large_bulk_food_storage_containersThe Cambro smaller Bulk Food Containers come in the square and round designs and they are rated by the following capacities: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 and 22 quart capacities. At this level, these containers will have covers that have air tight seals (not water tight). This type of long term food storage container will have easy to read graduations printed on the outside of the container, making it very easy to get a glance of the inventory available. The square food containers will give you more bang for the dollar as they are more efficient than the round design due to more capacity in the same amount of space. The restaurant food service operator will use this type of food container for the next step in food processing, from breaking down large quantities to manageable quantities for the daily process. When working with cooked foods, sauces and the like, we suggest using the polycarbonate food containers due to the heat. Some restaurant operators will use square and round food containers to identify certain types of food that could be cross contaminated.

Another type of Bulk Food Container is the Ingredient Bin. They are for bulk flour, sugar and other ingredients and are designed to be mobile and to fit underneath an open base work table, thus enabling the ingredients to be accessible as one works. We offer Ingredient Bins from Cambro, Carlisle and Faribo. These bins are offered in gallon capacities, from 21 gallons up to 42.5 gallon capacities.

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